Retail and The Internet: The Hardest Places to be Feminist

I just got done reading this blog post over on Feministing and I am overcome with relief. I thought I was a bad feminist, a bad activist, just bad at this whole gung-ho change the world thing. It’s encouraging and discouraging to realize that other people get so completely exhausted trying to keep this cause going and change peoples minds. The internet is an amazingly hostile place and yet it seems like the most powerful tool to disseminate information. And yet people are so completely obsessed with feminism being some kind of horrible evil. I don’t understand how this mind set can persist and it’s so so so heartbreaking how prevalent it is, even within seemingly more educated groups. Have you ever really read atheist forums or articles? Because there is a LOT of blatant misogyny in that remarkably intelligent group of apparently liberally minded people. ¬†Sometimes I just want to reach through the computer and shake each and every person out there.


And then there’s retail. I am so sick of men throwing their money at me like I am a stripper. I am sick of people assuming I am less knowledgeable because I am a woman. I am SO SICK OF SELLING PORN. I used to be really pro/neutral on porn. Just, you know, keep it classy folks and do what you gotta do to get off. But oh man, it’s so demeaning. There is SO MUCH that is demeaning. But more so it’s the way people talk to me when they are buying it. I try so hard to stay neutral, but don’t hit on me when you are buy porn, please. That’s not decent. Also, just don’t hit on me. I am at work. I am doing my job. My job requires of me that I behave nicely and do my best to make your day better. Don’t take that as a sign to tell me how sexy my eyes are. Compliments? Sure. Sexy eyes? Not a friendly compliment.


I get it. It takes all kinds. People have old habits. Sometimes people come off as creepers because they are awkward. But man, it is so hard to think that after seeing all the misogyny (yes, kiddos, that is what you are doing, it’s not just a joke) on the internet that all these people think that way too. Because most of them do.


In the words LINE, I give up. For tonight.


About Charlotte

In an attempt to figure it all out, I've broken the world up in to tiny pieces and am conquering them one at a time.
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