Valentines and other Saints

In a fit of financial anxiety I posted a rambling note on to reddit’s Random Acts of Bicycles subreddit. A few hours later a complete stranger messaged me and offered to buy me a starter bike from WalMart. Sure, I don’t want to support that company, and sure the bike won’t be the greatest… but are you kidding me? A complete stranger JUST BOUGHT ME A BIKE. So next week I no longer have to drop $70 a month on bus passes and can start saving up for, you know, Coachella. And getting out of debt. And another bike. Strangers can be incredible. I will put pictures up when I get it.


Another saint, St Vincent, guested a bit on Gossip Girl this week. Happy Valentines to me!!


The New York Times had a great article about the Grammy’s, which were at thing that happened. Ms. Perry unleashed a new single from her re-working of Teenage Dream (which I don’t want to buy but I will, we know that) and it’s… honestly I feel it’s less progressive and gutsy than some of her other stuff. It’s the first real angry break up song since One of the Boys, but it’s a lot more formulaic than some of what I consider her better stuff. Yeah yeah yeah, it’s all formulaic because it’s pop, but there is good and bad formula followers.


People ask me what the biggest difference between Oregon and California is. I think it’s just comparing apples and oranges. Oregon has apple trees in back yards, California has Oranges.


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In an attempt to figure it all out, I've broken the world up in to tiny pieces and am conquering them one at a time.
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One Response to Valentines and other Saints

  1. Chelsea says:

    Also, in Serbia Feb 14th is St. Trifun Day– he’s the patron saint of wine. So… it’s pretty much a giant festival of getting Wine Drunk!

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