This year in goals:

Besides fulling and finally committing to vegetarianism, I have a few other ideas.

The first is to become as chemical free as possible. Ideally, I would love to live in a house where nothing could kill me if I accidentally drank some of it. I know that is a long way off, but I figure I can start now. My dependency on a lot of these products is pure vanity (lotions, makeup, shampoo, hair dye) and overcoming that will be the hardest part.

I have started by deciding to make a month to month plan to ween off of these things. This is beneficial also to not being wasteful, giving myself time to use the last of things before giving them up. This month? Shampoo and conditioner. I have switched to baking soda and apple cider vinegar (as per this websites suggestion) and so far it’s been… a little weird. My hair is getting longer and I am having to figure out how to wash it with these watery concoctions, so used to creamy gels as I am.

Next will be soaps and face cleaners, implementing the change once this round is over. I also wish to be mindful of changes that also affect Boyfriend. While I hope to eventually bring us both to a fairly frugal and chemical free lifestyle, I think it’s crap to push it on someone else.

On the plus side, I tandoori tofu curry the other day. So that was delicious. I will concur tofu cooking this year. I will!

About Charlotte

In an attempt to figure it all out, I've broken the world up in to tiny pieces and am conquering them one at a time.
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3 Responses to This year in goals:

  1. Laura says:

    Cocoa butter (lip balm & lotion), coconut oil (lotion & shaving), and Dr. Bronner’s (shaving, shampoo & soap) pretty much takes care of everything, in my mind. Plus, you can use the Dr. Bronner’s to clean bikes! Let me know if you need safe sunscreen recommendations, they’re a bit more complicated.

    • Charlotte says:

      I used shea butter today to style my hair. I was pleased. I actually wanted to talk to you about this too, since you’ve got a good idea of how to live more chemical free. Plus cheap vegetarian foods? Yeah??

  2. Chelsea says:

    Shampoo free will be really easy (a) after week 3 when your hair realizes what’s going on and (b) if you don’t go to the gym everyday.

    YAY for vegetarianism YOU CAN DO IT AND IT WILL BE AWESOME and yes I am screaming that. Just remember to switch to *ahem* …veggies… and not to carbs.

    And yes, Dr. Bronners will take care of everything– nothing like castile and enough peppermint to make anything gross weep. When I switched to chemical-free, I put all the chemically stuff in a bin that I only use to bleach down the places I move out of (since for some reason, the landloards want it to reek of ammonia) and stick with things from Method, Mrs. Myer’s or just use lemon juice and baking soda. Also, sponges and other squeezy things from Twist are amazing!

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