So, after all this moving and changing and shaking up of things my birthday happened. The day of was a small affair consisting of my day drinking to Gossip Girl and my brother, his girlfriend, and a friend from Boyfriend’s work coming over and eating a way lot of tacos with me. It was really lovely and enjoyable.

Last year for my birthday I wore a dress because I wanted to, not because I told myself I had to. But in the last few months I have become more willing to publicly declare myself a feminist and very damn proud.

In any case, the real birthday treat came when Boyfriend took me to Disneyland. Yes, that Disneyland. That be-holidayed spectacle of childhood wishes and Nightmare Before’s come true. I. Saw. Muthafuckin. Jack. Skellington. No joke.

We found Nightmare drum sticks, proof that Disney loved us before we loved us

It was magical. The whole experience was perfect. They recently brought back the 3D film “Captain Eo” starring Michael Jackson and directed by Francis Ford Coppala. It premiered the year I was born, and I saw it 10 years after hearing about it and two years after it was re-released in memory of his majesty the king of pop. Pictured is my awesome t-shirt, a replica from the movie.

Also, my much beloved Pooh Bear got the chance to meet the actual (teenager costumed as) Pooh Bear. Seriously? That and the little girl who told me, after I let her hug Pooh, that “he’s really good at that, a really good hugger” were  more hear-warming than I thought things could be.

Even the grown women in line agreed that me and my Pooh were the cutest things in line.

An additional positive was that it began raining heavily at noon. Bad? No! Do you know how short the line is for Splash Mountain in the rain? You are right. No line at all. So we went twice. There were no lines for anything, everyone left after 2 hours of rain. 2 hours of rain? Bah! That’s a good day for us. It was cold and miserable, but after a bottle of wine and a delicious dinner it was worth going back. The rain stopped by 8 and we completed our 14 hour tour with style and minimal crowds. It was the best 25th birthday I could have imagined.

Besides that, California is sunny and feels like fall in the Northwest. I had thanksgiving with a blood relative for the first time in 3 years. How about that? Indeed.

About Charlotte

In an attempt to figure it all out, I've broken the world up in to tiny pieces and am conquering them one at a time.
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