I have spent the last week on a seemingly endless search through the bowels of the internet to find jobs that at least vaguely resemble a thing that could make me a living without destroying my soul (and my arches). Thus far I have found some pretty sweet looking positions, but heard nothing back. I have to remember that I have only lived here two weeks.

The strangest thing to me is analyzing my day to day interactions with Boyfriend. Now that he is working and I am at home, we have settled in to some extremely stereotypical gender roles. Because he is paying my bills, I feel obligated to provide in some way. I’ve been cooking and cleaning and making sure the house is nice and food is ready when he gets home. I don’t mind this at all, I really like cooking and it gives me a break from the trudge of job searching. What’s weird, though, is how that seems to translate in to other things. He’s been setting up electronics, I’ve been decorating, and I can’t draw the line between what we want to be doing and what we are expected to do.

I am happy, though. I don’t feel pressure to cook dinner or clean the house. I like a clean house and Boyfriend only knows how to make one meal (glorified refried beans on a plate… he calls it “plop”… so I do the cooking.) Taking on this homemaker role, though extremely temporary, seems like a hilarious fit with No Pants 2011 and exploring what women have experienced before all of these wonderful rights were ours. Being dependent and unemployed at home is a wonderful way to appreciate the right to work outside the home.

I can’t wait to have a job, though, and teach Boyfriend how to make dinner for me.

About Charlotte

In an attempt to figure it all out, I've broken the world up in to tiny pieces and am conquering them one at a time.
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