A Very Disappointing Experience

This last Saturday I took a trip up to Seattle to see The Vandals. As a part of No Pants 2011, and because I had forgotten a pair of shorts, I was wearing a skirt. No big deal right? After not even getting the “oops open palm on your butt!” in the pit at Queens of the Stone Age two weeks ago, I wasn’t super worried about being in the pit at El Corazon in a skirt.

I was wrong. Within the first 3 songs I had not only had the “open palm on your ass ha ha oops” multiple times, but TWICE someone tried to put their FINGERS up my skirt. I had to leave, I couldn’t stay for the rest of the show (for which I payed $30), I didn’t get to see Boyfriend jump up on stage and hug The Vandals, and I felt angry and unsafe for the rest of the show.

What bothers me the most right now is that my first thought was “Oh shit, I knew I should have worn shorts.” That’s how far I have still internalized sexism. No! I should be able to wear whatever I want and not have someone put their fingers between my legs. There is no reason anyone has the right to do that!

I hate that this happened. I hate that that is the memory I will have of this weekend and that the show was completely ruined for me by someone deciding that my body was not my own to make choices with. My body was his because I wore clothes that he doesn’t. As a girl who loves punk and pits and moshing it is so upsetting to me that I will now always feel more nervous than I deserve jumping in to enjoy music with other fans.

This was not something I had thought would happen as a result of No Pants 2011.


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4 Responses to A Very Disappointing Experience

  1. That is INSANE. I’m so sorry you had to deal with that. Seriously fucked up.

  2. brianajae says:

    Seriously? This is ridiculous. I’m sorry.

  3. Dan says:

    That’s beyond fucked up. Sorry you have to put up with that bullshit.

    /random internet person from Reddit.

  4. hilary says:

    I went to a Kyuss concert a few weeks ago, and since you know who QOTSA are, you probably know there were very few girls at that show. I ended up standing behind a girl for the entire show and about 2/3rd of the way through, a drunk dud creeped up behind her and whispered something in her ear. It must have been inappropriate, because she lost her shit and screamed at him. He then saw that I too was a female, and standing right there. He reached his hand out to grab me, with a disgusting smile on his face. I slapped his hands away, telling him to fuck off. Every time I pushed him away, he came back, forcing me to push him harder and yell louder. He still wouldnt stop. I pushed his whole body as hard as I could, into the mosh pit, who threw him right back at him. I was so shaken and pissed, I couldnt push him away any harder. Everyone was standing around just watching us. Clearly I wasnt strong enough to fend for myself, and it took until I was almost in tears, screaming my lungs out at him to “leave me alone!” Finally a guy next to me shoved him for me, and he disappeared into the crowd for the rest of the night. The girl in front of me was freaked though, and spent the rest of the show looking behind her every 30 seconds. It ruined my night and clearly hers, not to mention the scary walk home, wondering if he had followed me out of the venue.

    Just thought I would share my awesome experience with you.

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