Katy Perry concert is tomorrow…

You want to know why I like her? As a feminist, why I love her?

Because she sings about sex, love, promiscuity, and long term relationships. And she sings about them like a person who can have/has had all of them.

Who else does that?

"Do you know that there's a way out/ You don't have to be held down"

About Charlotte

In an attempt to figure it all out, I've broken the world up in to tiny pieces and am conquering them one at a time.
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3 Responses to Katy Perry concert is tomorrow…

  1. brianajae says:

    Plus, her songs are so catchy!

  2. Chelsea says:

    Dear Charlotte,

    I love you and your new blog. Now for some discourse! Using a lot of letters.

    So, I’ll bite. (Actually, I bit and ended up watching an hour of youtube of this apparently pop phenomenon ALL IN THE NAME OF FEMINISM!RAR!)

    While I’ll cede your point, I’ll also point out why, as a feminist, I don’t like Katy Perry after my youtube stint. (A) “Ur So Gay” is blatantly anti-LGBT and reinforces gender stereotypes. It isn’t even ironic, or playing the southpark-esque “fake-offensive in order to point out social commentary” card. (B) “I Kissed A Girl” is about, essentially, taking a girl out for a test drive… either disregarding the feelings of both the boyfriend and girl, or assuming that kissing a girl doesn’t actually “count.” (C) “Hot N Cold” also blatantly reinforces gender stereotypes along the lines of “PMSing bitch” and “changing your mind as often as girls change clothes.”


    • Charlotte says:

      Yay! Thank you for reading!

      Alright, here are my reasons in regards to your comments.

      A) This song is pretty unforgivable. But, after watching multiple interviews with her around the time that single was released it is clear she did not mean it maliciously. In some ways, the use of the word “Gay” here is shock value. There is a certain naivete to it as well, which you can see in the growth from that first album to the second one.
      B) According to her “Behind the Music,” the song was written in regards to a fantasy about the first girl she ever did have a crush on (also the first person to show her secular music.) I see it more as an attempt to break out of traditionally held views of sexuality and legitimize feelings she is not supposed to have. “It’s not what good girls do/Not how I should behave/My head gets so confused/Hard to obey.” That lyric matters more to me than any other part of the song. It’s grappling with bisexuality, the 70/30 or 80/20 split kind of bisexual. Yes, again, it is there for shock value. She is smart enough to know that. But it comes from a place of sincerity, as with all her work.
      C) This is another in the theme of this album which is all about wrestling with gender roles. Most of the songs are about clinging too and pulling away from traditional ideas of gender, though subtly, and this is another example. She’s poking fun at men via women, but it’s not malicious. “You PMS like a bitch, I should know” indicates that she is aware she is making fun of herself here.

      Overall this album is not as pro-woman as the second one. Teenage Dream includes songs about not letting a man run your life, not trying to save people (“Wanna be your lover not your fucking mother/Can’t be your savior I don’t have the power”- Circle the Drain), and of course being all you can be. Plus she sings about fairy tale romance and sex. She’s not pro-sex and anti-love (Lady Gaga) or pro-love but anti-sex (Taylor Swift) and so I love that she is out there and on the radio about it.

      Also, now, after seeing her live, I can honestly say she has more drive, charisma, and confidence than almost anyone else I have ever seen. She is a professional, and an amazing talent, and unwilling to yield to anyone else’s ideas of what she should be. She is cute, girly, sexy, goofy, and her alter ego is a big giant nerd.

      Katy Perry is not actively a feminist. I don’t think she even begins to push a feminist agenda. But I love that she delivers a message that is not anti-feminist. She is a great roll model and I admire her immensely.

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