Sing Sing Sing

So, while I am still just a little over half way through my New Years resolution not to wear pants (so far, so good, an update later) I have officially succeeded in another of my goals.

Last Saturday I sat down on a stool with my guitar and sang in front of a group of strangers.

It. Was. Awesome.

I sounded solid, I got a good amount of applause, I made the audience laugh, I fucked up and kept going, all those things that you want to have happen at these times. I feel great about it!

It's me! Sangin'!

I am planning on doing more of this. I have always wanted to sing and damnit I don’t care if I’m “good enough” I think its fun and the audience certainly didn’t mind it at all. I tell you what, though, singing with a mic and a monitor is super weird. You actually hear what you sound like, not what you think you sound like. This, coincidentally, makes it way easier to stay in tune.

In No Pants 2011 news, I am more than half way through the year! YIPPEE!!

It dawned on me that I feel almost more pressured to wear very different things every day. It’s strange that just because it’s a skirt it does not function in the same “jeans and a t-shirt are a different outfit if the t-shirt is different” kind of way. I feel like if I wear the same skirt or dress twice in one week it’s somehow a faux pas.  I am trying to get over this as I believe that I am an exception to this idea. I do not wear pants, after all.

Although I did wear shorts twice last week because I forgot to pack a skirt to stay at Boyfriend’s house. I felt like a dirty cheater. It was like that dream I had came true. Cheating what? Right, my self imposed rules.



OH SHIT 100th POST!!!!

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One Response to Sing Sing Sing

  1. brianajae says:

    Congrats! I’ll have to come see you sometime!

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