Most days are above 40 degrees now

Time for an April (and sort of March) No Pants update!

I have, to date, donned shorts and tights four times, and each time I really feel like I am cheating. It’s not cheating, I know, but it’s so close. I do remember each time how much I have, ahem, loosened up around the middle over the last few months since last I wore these items. But that’s ok, I wear more spandex these days.

Getting closer to not having to wear tights at all is a blessing. I have run through 4 pairs of tights just in these last months and it’s getting expensive.

There are these amazing lace-bottomed spandex shorts at H&M which will become a solid fixture under my skirts this summer, which actually may take away my excuse for including shorts as outerwear in this No Pants year.

In some ways this challenge has made me more likely to take physical risks. Climb that thing? Of course I can do it in a dress, let’s go. Jump from here to all the way over there? Fuck you of course I can, let me hitch up my skirt. I went camping in shorts and tights but ended up putting on a dress because I felt more mobile in it.

In other news, I am re-listening to the early 2000’s these days. Badly Drawn Boy, Ben Lee, Ben Kweller, Ok Go, a lot of my go-to sunny day music. Even a little Nelly Furtado, if anyone is paying close attention. (Side note: I listen to a lot more men than women in music. Which is strange to me considering how emotionally connected I tend to get towards all of my music, you would think I would listen to more people with that one huge thing in common. Hm.)


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In an attempt to figure it all out, I've broken the world up in to tiny pieces and am conquering them one at a time.
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