Switching Sides

I moved across the hallway. Now my room is twice as big. There are so many more inches of wall to cover with things. What’s the best thing you have hanging on your wall right now?

My feminism is beginning to precede me, which I like. I am known by everyone who is acquainted with me as a feminist, and I even caught Boyfriend’s brother, with whom I was only a facebook friend,  correct himself after calling Boyfriend a “girl”, changing it to “baby.” The other day at work a man asked me a question and started it with “Oh hey, babygirl…” and apparently I shot him a look (unconsciously) that told him that was abso-fucking-lutely not ok and he apologized and started again with “excuse me, miss.”

The new album from The Strokes, called Angles if you didn’t know, is pretty awesome. It grows on me more and more with each listen. They seem to have simultaneously gone back to their roots and also let their influences come through more. They sound a little like Phoenix for a minute, and then something straight off of a Cars album, and then something that could have easily fit in Room on Fire. Really great, remarkably better than First Impressions of Earth, thank goodness.

Building the blogging habit! New room, new responsibilities, new habits!


About Charlotte

In an attempt to figure it all out, I've broken the world up in to tiny pieces and am conquering them one at a time.
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One Response to Switching Sides

  1. brianajae says:

    My room is pretty ridiculous. I have a mix of a little art, a little smallville, a little broadway, a little Disney.

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