But how long can it last?

Everything’s coming up Milhouse.

I found out on Tuesday that I will finally be leaving my year and a half long relationship with a certain giant corporate retailer to seek out new adventures. On March 1st I start a full-time position at Everyday Music. That’s right. A record store.

Despite it’s being a minimum wage retail job, I can honestly say this is the closest I have come to a dream job. I have wanted to work at a record store since I started thinking about jobs in high school. Getting paid to chat about music all day? Count and alphabetize things? Learn about new music while helping people find music they want? And in three months you want to give me health care too? Yes. A thousand times yes.

Where some strings have been snipped away, Portland has put a few more strings back around my fingers and toes. Increasing friend circle, increasingly wonderful boyfriend, actual legitimately exciting job, slow but steadily growing handle on finances… my god I may just be growing up after all.

So, I’m going to be that hipster chick in Portland working at a record store. Finally.


About Charlotte

In an attempt to figure it all out, I've broken the world up in to tiny pieces and am conquering them one at a time.
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