rain drops keep fallin on my head

I am so sick right now, it’s ridiculous.

The rain is being beaten on to my window, adding a really lovely back beat to this “Stuff You Should Know” podcast I am learning from.

Christmas was not at all Christmas-y, we ate Subway and played games, but it was a great day of friends and my lovely chosen family. “You were the reason people came, and you were the reason they stayed.” Which is a marvelous thing to realize and remember.

Sometimes I think being sick and exhausted is actually the best way to go through retail. “Where is this?!?!?” “Probably over there.” “Can I put this over here?!?!?!?” “Sure.”

Time to re-read The Princess Bride.


About Charlotte

In an attempt to figure it all out, I've broken the world up in to tiny pieces and am conquering them one at a time.
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