Breakfast Rant

Ok, I’ve got a pretty sick sense of humor. I know (and sometimes laugh at) all the “Women are Stupid” and “Dead Baby” jokes and I think dark comedy has very few limits.

However, something I read on the ol’ Facebook today really pissed me off. Someone said that last year for halloween they had gone as a child molester. They wore large glasses, a beard, an old sweater, you know the stereotype. All I have to say to that is:

What does a child molester look like? Because last time I checked there is no way to tell if someone is going to ruin some kids life or not. It’s not funny and it’s not ok to perpetuate the assumption that you can tell what kind of person will molest a child. Is it a gay man? Isn’t it just priests? Oh, ok, then I guess my dashing blonde female neighbor would never touch my children inappropriately, thanks stereotypes.

Also, child molestation is NOT FUNNY. It never was and it never will be.  What is funny about it? If someone can tell me one funny thing about dressing as a child molester for halloween I will reconsider my rant. But I doubt it.

Ugh. Back to my cereal and web comics.


About Charlotte

In an attempt to figure it all out, I've broken the world up in to tiny pieces and am conquering them one at a time.
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5 Responses to Breakfast Rant

  1. Marc says:

    It’s all just a spectrum of offensiveness, what people find funny or NOT FUNNY, is basically personal.

    You self admittedly find murdered baby jokes sometimes funny, others would cringe at the very thought.

    Part of being pro human equality is, I think, always working from the assumption that your biases are not shared or universal.


  2. Charlotte says:

    Part 1:
    Dead Baby jokes are funny because people don’t (often) go around shoveling babies with pitch forks. Molestation and domestic abuse and lynching jokes are not because that shit still happens. A lot.
    Part 2:
    Sure, even to some people these things are still funny. And there is a time and a place to make those jokes and it’s when you know you aren’t going to send someone in the room in to a depression spiral. There is a line between censorship and tact. Fine, but there. Being in public and throwing those kinds of jokes in to peoples faces is an entirely different level of offensive. It’s just shock value and it’s likely to be triggering for people with abuse in their past. I say the same thing about T-shirts that might be funny but are clearly way too offensive to be put in front of someone without their consent.
    Part 3:
    The main point here is that saying that you “dressed as a child molester” sends the false impression that there is a type of person more likely to abuse a child. There is not. There are more people of certain professions and hobbies that get caught because of their position or because of the media, but anyone could be a child abuser. Anyone can be a shoplifter too, you wouldn’t say you went as one of them for Halloween.

  3. Marc says:

    In order:

    1. Again they are funny [i]to you[/i] for those reasons, for others they are offensive for the same or similar reasons as your objections to other jokes.

    2a. OK I’m going to tangent slightly into a rant of my own about the whole “Triggering” concern in the blog-o-whirl:

    Anything can be set off someone who’s prone to emotional responses (due to past trauma or not), for some folks that is going to be discussions of events reminiscent of what happened to them, for others it can be entirely unrelated things, i.e. I know a freshly returned soldier who broke down crying in the supermarket when confronted by the variety of choices in the cleaning products aisle, he was locked up in indecision and when his wife came up to ask him what was taking him so long him he started shaking and crying, all because he couldn’t process such a simple decision post combat.

    2b. No one has a right to not be offended in America (thank god!), so that’s a terrible argument to make. Your disgust does not end others right to expression (and I think you know well enough what sort of problems letting people disgust run things would cause).

    3. I basically agree with you here. Unless they dress as a clown, they are all clearly some sort of bastard, clowns are…


  4. Charlotte says:

    People should get offended, often, because it makes you think about your values system (hopefully) and it makes you challenge the world around you. But I do believe in most of the offense you encounter being something you consent to by putting yourself in situations of dark humor or the like, not something constantly thrown at you everywhere.

  5. Marc says:

    Unfortunately my experience has been that most people simply stop thinking once their disgust mechanism kicks in. For example most folks I know (flaming liberals that they are) simply hate the Westboro Baptist Church because their activities are so aggravating, few if any of them wonder at the underlying cause or rationale behind them.

    The world is not a safe place any time you wander out there you’re pretty likely to encounter ideas you don’t like, even in places you think are familiar or safe.

    P.S. I also think I totally recall a funny child molester joke I’m gonna tell you some time now…

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