a clarification, and “girlie” feminism

my last post regarding sex and the feminist mindset i think i need to clarify what i was saying. my concern is not with how the culture has trained us not to own our sexuality. i think we’ve all had the “i can do whatever i want in bed!” realization. and it’s an important one to have. however, my concern is that i only just had my “i can feel whatever i want in bed!” moment. and not just that i don’t have to feel or that i can, but that i can be somewhere in between. the dichotomy between crying after sex and leaving before he wakes up doesn’t have to exist so rigidly. another form of social pressure about sex exists for us (i mean everyone, not just women). the emotional importance we place on sex needs to be more up to us.

in other news, i’ve been reading “manifesta” lately. if you haven’t read it, you should, it’s a phenomenal resource for beginning and veteran feminists alike. what is hitting me most from my recent chapters is this concept of “girlie” feminism. the women (mostly young adults, 20 somethings etc) of the girlie movement are out their wearing skirts and lipstick as a statement that feminine does not mean weak. i love the belief that knitting, baking, and kick boxing can be in the same category. no longer trying to push masculine traits on to women as a way of brining equality is one of the greatest triumphs of recent feminism. however, as the book points out, most girlie organizations are completely unconnected with social change and politics. my question to you is this: what does girlie political activism look like to you? does embracing traditionally feminine activities and fashions lead to a disconnect from the “bigger picture”? or can you wear heals to protests?

my concern is that, because of our current social climate, traditionally feminine dress makes people take you less seriously. is this the major road block? or is it inside as well? by putting on lipstick do i take myself less seriously?

i don’t think so. i think the only way to bridge the gap between political activism and stockings is to demand attention when we look our best and our worst. what’s in my head has nothing to do with what’s on my chest.


About Charlotte

In an attempt to figure it all out, I've broken the world up in to tiny pieces and am conquering them one at a time.
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