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Here are things that bother me.

It bothers me that the first major motion picture about the tsunami that devastated southeast asia is about a white family on vacation. We can’t possibly be expected to spend money on telling the story of people outside our racial imagination.


It also bothers me that people are talking so much about gun control and defending their right to own guns. The constitution was written at a time before school shootings, before automatic weapons, before large scale violence outside of state sanctioned war. I believe that the constitution is a living document made to change and shift with the times, they wrote it that way. 

I think it breaks down to this. Pro-gun-ers believe that violence is inevitable and must be fought with more violence. Anti-gun-ers believe in a world where violence is unnecessary and that peace is possible.



It also bothers me that I never write, blog, draw, or anything anymore. My job has destroyed my free time and my desire to do anything much besides read David Sedaris and watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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It’s not you, it’s me

So, I have a tumblr now.


It’s not that I don’t love this blog, it’s just that I think I might be better at something that’s in between a blog and a pinterest account.


We’ll see. In any case, I don’t intend on giving up on this misheld belief that someday I will be a prolific blogger, I am just trying to widen the variety of ways in which I can disappoint myself on the internet.

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26 years, 3 days, 18 hours

Happy Birthday to me!

I have been battling a horrific flu for 5 days, and thus my birthday party was not as gloriously debauched as I had hoped, but I drank too much for someone with an illness and stayed up too late and wore Hogwarts robes, so I did my best.

Laying around the last three days has given me too much time to think about what I’ve done with 26 years on the planet and what I thought I would be doing at this point when I was 16. Also to let it sink in that when my mother was my age she was already a month pregnant with me.


I want to travel more, like everyone says. I just don’t know how the fuck to do it on $14/hr and in as much debt as I am. I also want to make theater happen, but in this area it’s damn near impossible without a car. Also, excuses and reasons. 


So I’m in a profound funk. Partly being cooped up. Partly being sick. Partly being older and also younger than I have ever or will ever be. Also wishing I had some people around who wanted to mount a production of Stop Kiss from inside my apartment. I mean, you could really do it. Or produce “Little MIss Sunshine” as a stage show. Or just do “The Baltimore Waltz” in the park.


Or fuck, just some people to do readings with of new plays in my living room every couple of weeks. I’m tired of that happening in all those northern cities I used to inhabit and not happening here.


I’ve just never been much of a catalyst, really.

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In Which Our Hero is Disgruntled By The Internet (again)

So there was this horrible post that made it to the frontpage of r/wtf (naturally, I don’t even know why I still subscribe to that shit) that was of course a rape joke. And the comment thread was of course just horrific and full of rape apologists and people screaming that just because they have the right to make these jokes means no one can ever be mad at them ever for whatever they say neener neener neener. And then naturally once someone FINALLY brought up that this was rape and pretty shitty there was this torrential storm of “WULLLL YEAH BUT MEN GET RAPED TOO SO SHUT UP.”

Wait, what? So… since we’re here trying to talk about women for a few seconds we need to make sure that we know how the men feel. Because there can be no space or subject about women that is not inundated and constantly reminded of the male experience and opinion. We all really need to know what your penis is saying, lest we be able to actually hear ourselves for a second.

What I hate about this the most is that it really weakens the movement for male rape awareness. By invading female spaces and constantly decrying women as being rape inventors and liars it makes it even more difficult to make progress in ending rape for everyone. Do men get raped? Yes. Is it horrific and terrible? Yes. Is it as bad as when women get raped? Exactly as bad (no more, no less). Does it happen as often? Probably not. Does a discussion of women getting raped mean we are saying that men do not get raped? NO. NO IT DOESN’T.


And I don’t give a shit if it’s “just a joke.” It’s a bad joke and I don’t have to like it. It’s freedom of speech, bro, I can disagree with you if I want.

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Four More Years

It is important to realize in this post-fairly-progressive-election season that just because other people get rights you don’t agree with doesn’t mean those people have taken away any of your rights.

To my family and friends who are disappointed today:

Just because my friends in Washington can finally get married doesn’t mean you can’t. Just because they get to be in love and in healthy relationships and build families just means that there are more people like you and that family means even more.

Just because people can get stoned doesn’t mean you have to.

Just because I get to believe I am worthwhile doesn’t mean you have to believe women are, though you should. And I will keep trying to convince you.

This country was never built on Christianity and it was never built on the idea that some people are more equal than others. If you are worried about socialism and worried about losing your rights, then don’t ruin the opportunities of others to rise through capitalism  or to enjoy the same rights as you.

And don’t forget, Barack Obama is a Christian man, so you are still in the lead over any other kind of person that exists.

You didn’t lose anything, you gained another four years to prove you know how to love.

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Things that make me an Adult:

  1. Opening a bottle of wine and keeping the cork. Additionally, leaving it in the kitchen instead of taking it to the table/porch/bed.
  2. Emptying the dishwasher the day it is washed.
  3. Considering my wake up time when considering my bedtime.
  4. Having the thought, ever, that “this will wrinkle my clothes.”
  5. Yogurt as a breakfast AND dessert food.
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